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Steven Forth & Karen Chiang
Founders & Managing Partners at Ibbaka

Using Pricing to Optimize NDR

In this session, Karen and Steven will spend roughly 60 minutes deep diving into how you can use pricing to optimize net-dollar retention (“NDR”), especially amid the current macro environment and headwinds. As you know, pricing is a powerful lever that positively correlates with how each dollar of your revenue is valued, and the Ibbaka team will explain how and why this is the case. They will explore specific techniques businesses can use to execute pricing strategy optimally and, most importantly, understand the impact and outcomes that pricing can influence. The connections between value, especially differentiated value, your pricing metric, and your prioritized market segment are key to good pricing governance. Having a solid customer value management and pricing optimization strategy that will drive customer engagement and retention is the way to capture better dollar returns on your SaaS business.

A few discrete topics that Karen and Steven will cover include:

  • How pricing impacts company valuation
  • Review Net Dollar Retention, a key metric that investors are tracking given today’s current market conditions
  • Provide a simple process for using pricing to improve net dollar retention
  • Present examples of companies that have used pricing to improve NDR
Steven Forth & Karen Chiang

By way of background, Steven and Karen co-founded Ibbaka (website), a software platform and consultancy firm that helps B2B SaaS grow ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), improve Net Revenue Retention (NRR or NDR) and expand aggregate customer lifetime value (LTV). Ibbaka is an authority on all things performance acceleration through the application of pricing & packaging best practices. I encourage you to check out their extensive library resources, including blogs, podcast episodes, reports/playbooks, surveys, and tools/templates that can be found here. Also, please see Steven and Karen’s biographies below - nothing short of impressive!

Steven Forth, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Ibbaka

Steven is an experienced SaaS executive, having started, scaled, and exited several successful companies. As an active angel investor, he understands the perspectives of both operators and investors and can bridge the gap between them. At Ibbaka, he guides strategy and works with key clients on value, packaging, and pricing. Ibbaka provides a SaaS platform, Valio, supported by a consulting service that helps companies to optimize pricing. Steven regularly speaks on innovation and design and using value and price as guides in building growing organizations. In addition, he manages the 230,000-plus member design thinking group on LinkedIn. When not helping companies execute pricing, he is gardening, cycling, or kayaking in and around Vancouver, BC.

Karen Chiang, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Ibbaka

Karen drives the need to recognize economic value drivers and account for the importance of both emotional and community value (such as ESG) in pricing, packaging, and market segmentation. In addition, she is interested in how companies combine sales, product, or service-led growth models. With extensive experience growing technology product and service businesses at all scale levels, Karen promotes a value-based approach to drive differentiation and price. She is proud to work with customers, partners, and her teammates to make Ibbaka the firm to depend on for customer value management and price optimization. She is humbled working alongside Ibbaka’s expert value, pricing, and data strategists and tacticians and is awed by Ibbaka’s product team. Karen leads workshops on pricing and investment across North America and has contributed several important innovations to pricing best practices. As an angel investor and entrepreneur, she is happy to apply her pricing insights to due diligence projects and helps executives understand the link between value, price, growth, and company valuation.

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