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Javed Maqsood
20+ Year Post-Sales Leader & Advisor

Optimize Post-Sales for Growth Acceleration & Success Despite Market Headwinds

In this session, Javed spends roughly 60 minutes double-clicking on how best-in-class post-sales strategies can play an instrumental role in growth acceleration despite the current economic headwinds. Post-sale success is equal parts art and science. Architecting a high-performing GTM operation and strategy hinges on your ability to understand what customers want from your products and services truly. Excellence in this regard is instrumental to both pre- and post-sales success leading to an unwavering focus on your ICP, flawless customer deployments, best-in-class retention performance, and programmatic expansion activity.

Javed Maqsood

Javed is a decorated post-sales executive with 20+ years of experience building and leading best-in-class post-sales strategy and teams at high-performing businesses like Algonomy, AppDynamics (acq. by Cisco), Reflektion, Box, BloomReach, Autonomy (acq. by HP), and more. In addition, he advises software scale-ups through his consulting firm, High Plains Consulting, and collaboration with Imperial College, London.

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