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Herb Cunitz
Advisor, Board Member, and Executive

Successfully Scaling Your GTM Strategy

In this session, Herb walks through scaling Hortonworks from its infancy to $250M+ in run rate revenue in ~4 years and the blueprint to successfully scaling a stamp-and-repeat go-to-market strategy.

Herb Cunitz

A successful go-to-market strategy distinguishes “good” companies from “great” companies. Unfortunately, nailing a scalable go-to-market strategy is not so simple and thus we’re privileged to have one of the smartest and accomplished software leaders on the topic share his wisdom on how to drive predictable success as well as dissect learnings through his experience at the helm of companies like Hortonworks. Our speaker, Herb Cunitz, brings 30+ years’ experience building global, high-growth sales and marketing organizations for venture-backed and publicly traded enterprise software companies, resulting in 3 IPOs and 2 successful acquisitions. Herb’s past experience includes Hortonworks, Vitria, Viasoft, SpringSource/VMware, Savvion/Progress, IBM and others. The most recent success was growing Hortonworks from its’ early stage to $250M in run-rate revenue and 1,000 customers as President.