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Milind Kopikare
Former Head of Product @ Qualtrics

Building a World-Class Product Strategy

Milind shares his wisdom on scaleup product strategy and key lessons learned from his experience having helped scale Enterprise product lines from $0 to 9-figures in ARR at Qualtrics.

Milind Kopikare

Milind’s background speaks for itself – he is the former VP and Head of Product for Qualtrics XM Platform (acquired by SAP for $8B and recently went public for $27B+) and a decorated digital transformation, product strategist, and CXM executive with a track record of managing and growing SaaS businesses to 9-figures (or more) in ARR! Today, he splits his time between running the North America business for Great Learning as President, Great Learning, teaching as an Adjunct Professor at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah on topics such as Product Management, Product Innovation, and Data Science Applied to Product Development and Operations within the MBA Program as well as advising startups on product strategy, roadmap and design.