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Karen Chiang & Rashaqa Rahman

Maximizing Value – The Art of Measurement

In this Master Class, Karen & Rashaqa will get down to the practical things you need to do to build a value model. A value model is a system of equations you use to estimate economic value. It is built up from value drivers that integrate data on the customer, the solution, and external market conditions. The value model is the foundation of all value-based pricing and is incredibly useful for sales, customer success, and product management. Even before presenting the price, it is important to establish a strong narrative on value impact; having a powerful value story is key.

A few discrete topics that Karen and Rashaqa will cover include:

  • Understanding the significance of value modeling
  • Practical steps to build a value model
  • Real-world examples of value models
  • Establishing a compelling narrative on value impact

I’m sure everyone will agree this will be a stellar (and hyper-relevant) session! The goal is for you to leave with a clear understanding of how to develop and utilize value models effectively.

Karen Chiang & Rashaqa Rahman

As a reminder, Karen co-founded Ibbaka, a software platform and consultancy firm dedicated to helping B2B SaaS companies grow ARR/MRR, improve NRR/GRR/LR, and expand aggregate CLTV through the application of pricing & packaging best practices.

Rashaqa Rahman is a Senior Consultant & Analyst at Ibbaka. Rashqa is an experienced business strategist and pricing consultant with a proven track record of success. She has worked on pricing strategies for some of the world's most innovative companies, helping them optimize their revenue models and achieve sustainable growth. Her expertise spans various industries, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to each project. Before joining Ibbaka, Rashaqa honed her skills in the finance industry. Rashaqa leverages her analytical acumen and strategic insight to identify opportunities for revenue enhancement, cost efficiency, and drive significant value for her clients. Rashaqa is passionate about using data-driven approaches to solve complex business challenges and is dedicated to delivering actionable insights that lead to tangible results.

If you’re new here, Ibbaka has given a series of Master Classes on pricing strategy and tactics. The common theme across all of these is that price should be based on the economic value of a solution. This sounds easy, but many companies struggle to estimate the economic value of their solutions for their customers or confuse benefits and improvement claims with economic value.