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Andy Mowat
20+ Year GTM Ops Leader and VP of GTM Ops at Carta

GTM Ops Fireside Chat

In this Master Class, we’ll be hosting a fireside discussion with Andy, where we’ll delve into GTM Ops' best practices and topics covered in Andy’s RevOps Handbook. We strongly encourage you to review the handbook in advance and come prepared with your GTM ops questions. This session is designed to be highly interactive, so we can make the most of our time together with Andy!

Andy Mowat

Andy is a decorated GTM Operations leader and pioneer of the discipline – it’s been a passion of his for a LONG time and even inspired him to write a book on the topic, RevOps Handbook.

By way of background, Andy brings 20+ years of experience building and scaling best-in-class GTM teams as a GTM Ops leader at companies such as Upwork, Box, and Culture Amp. Today, he is the VP of GTM Ops at Carta, a leader in equity management software supporting 40K+ customers in 160+ countries globally. Andy is deeply passionate about understanding the evolving landscape of GTM motions and innovating strategies to adapt to these changes. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Gated, where he revolutionized outbound email strategies. He is also an investor and advisor for several companies, such as Sonar, GTMFund, and Sendoso.