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Vince Beese
25+ Year Sales Advisor, Executive & Leader

The 6Ps for a Winning GTM Strategy

Vince will spend an hour deep-diving into a system he created called the “6Ps for a Winning GTM Strategy”.  This isn't just any system – it's the secret sauce behind Vince's success, and today, he's lifting the curtain to reveal how he evaluates and crafts winning GTM execution plans.

Vince tackles crucial topics that will make or break your GTM game:

  • Pipeline Power: Vince will unravel the mystery behind pipeline coverage – the lifeline of your goals.
  • Value Proposition Mastery: In a sea of noise, clarity is king. Vince will show you how to carve out a value proposition that shines and stands head and shoulders above the competition.
  • Price to Thrive: It's not just about pricing; it's about pricing to win. Vince will unveil the strategies to ensure your deals close.
  • People Power: Your team is your engine, Discover the secret sauce behind assembling the dream team that will drive your GTM strategy to victory.
  • Problem-Solving: What keeps your customers up at night? Vince will guide you through pinpointing the pain points your product or solution solves, turning your offering into a must-have solution.
  • Sales Scalability: It's not just about sales; it's about scaling them seamlessly. Vince will lay out the blueprint for a repeatable sales process that doesn't just grow – it explodes.
Vince Beese

As a reminder, Vince has over two decades of experience in B2B sales leadership, with a proven track record of scaling and fixing revenue challenges for software startups and scale-ups. Vince has helped four companies accelerate growth and achieve successful exits, including LivePerson (IPO), CheetahMail (acq. Experian), Amadesa (acq. LivePerson), and Kustomer (acq. Meta) by driving significant revenue growth, customer acquisition, and market expansion. He’s also held senior sales leadership positions at SugarCRM (SVP of Sales), True Fit (CRO), and Meta (Head of Enterprise Sales).

Vince is the Founder & CEO of Sales at Scale, where he leverages his expertise and network to accelerate revenue growth for VC- and PE-backed startups and scale-ups. He works with founders and sales teams to design and implement effective sales processes, strategies, and systems that lead to better outcomes. Some of his clients include Shipt, Handshake, UserVoice, Dropoff, and Rebelmail. Vince is also an active coach, advisor, and mentor to several startups and a member of Pavilion, a community of high-growth leaders.

Vince’s latest endeavor is Sales HQ, a co-selling community for high-performing sellers. They provide a high-energy environment that promotes collaboration, education, and motivation for sellers and sales teams to perform at their best. The first location will be in the Raleigh Durham area, where he will co-locate Sales at Scale.