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Houston Neal and Michael Koploy
Co-Founders of Relay Insights

Prepare for Google Analytics 4 led by Relay Insights

Although Universal Analytics will be sunsetted a year from now in July 2023, marketing teams need to act now to avoid losing historical data, event tracking and more. The team will be sharing key insights and tips on how to successfully make the transition, including:

  • Depreciation plans for the current version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)
  • How Google Analytics 4 reporting and data model differs from Universal Analytics
  • What Google Analytics 4 changes to prioritize immediately and how to properly transition and improve your marketing analytics program heading into next year
Houston Neal and Michael Koploy

Houston and Michael are both decorated marketing leaders with deep expertise around all things marketing analytics, customer acquisition, and more. Houston and Michael met at Software Advice, where they were part of the founding team. The company was acquired by Gartner (NYSE: IT) in 2014. The duo reconnected in 2020 with an aim to equip marketing teams with insights to grow awareness, customers and revenue. Together they lead Relay Insights, a consulting firm with a simple mission: To help technology providers accelerate customer acquisition. We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Relay Insights across several PeakSpan portfolio companies, including Ecwid, Epignosis, Vyond, Yodeck, among others. Their core competencies include search and content marketing, media and influencer relations, conversion optimization and marketing analytics.