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Marc Diouane
30+ Year GTM Leader & Co-Founder/Co-CEO at Exordiom

The Blueprint for Data-Driven GTM Execution

Marc will spend an hour providing an in-depth perspective on how you can evolve your GTM strategy to be much more data-centric and drive unparalleled predictability, drawing upon more than 3 decades of first-hand experience scaling multiple prolific SaaS scale-ups to hundreds of millions in ARR.

A few discrete topics that Marc will cover include:

  • Organization Modeling 101 – Optimizing your GTM organization and team
  • Measuring Success – Defining THE most critical metrics and data points to measure and optimize
  • Building Your “Business Algebra”
  • Predictability – Iterating until you nail the formula!
Marc Diouane

With an extraordinary and influential career spanning over three decades, Marc has consistently excelled in transformative executive leadership roles within globally renowned and high-growth scale-ups such as PTC, Zuora, Checkr, and Pindrop. As a proven President, Chief Business Officer, Chief Operating Officer, strategic advisor, and board member, he possesses an unparalleled depth of experience and a relentless drive for success. His expertise empowers businesses to unleash their full potential and achieve remarkable results in their go-to-market execution.

Today, Marc is a co-founder and co-CEO at Exordiom, a dedicated go-to-market execution firm. Exordiom works hand in hand with select companies, providing battle-tested expertise and hands-on guidance to accelerate their GTM execution and beat the odds in the challenging scale-up landscape.