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Jourdan DuFort
Prospecting Connoisseur

Best Practices for Prospect Conversion & Engagement

Jourdan will spend an hour deep diving into several processes of getting the targets you want on the phone, keeping them on the phone and booking meetings with your top tier leads you identify as your Ideal Customer Profiles. As a bonus, in real time he’ll work with you on developing an elevator pitch that will have people leaning in to you asking questions about how they can learn more about the problems you solve.

A few discrete topics that Jourdan will cover include:

  • The best kept secrets of cold calling
  • Why tone and cadence and is so important
  • Getting your value proposition across without it ACTUALLY sounding like a salesperson
  • Creating an elevator pitch that makes people say “Wow! How do you do that?”
Jourdan DuFort

Jourdan DuFort has 17 years of experience in sales strategy and business development. Starting out selling D2D, transitioning into inside sales and then exceeding multi million dollar quotas selling software in the B2B space from hyper-growth startups out of Silicon Valley to Fortune 500s. In 2013, he started at ConnectAndSell Inc. and they let him loose on the phones on the first day. He came up with a clever opener where his conversion rates from first conversation to meeting scheduled was an astounding 10%; every other rep’s conversion rate was anywhere from 1-5%. Sales leadership made it the new best practice to start using this opener and everyone’s conversion rates nearly doubled on the 2nd day. It was coined “the 27 second opener” and was later endorsed by Chris Voss, the former FBI hostage negotiator and author of "Never Split The Difference." It is now used by hundreds of inside sales teams globally and has generated over $400M in B2B sales. Jourdan now spends most of his time investing in real estate and kite surfing down in Mexico.