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Steven Forth & Karen Chiang
Founders & Managing Partners at Ibbaka

Impacting 2024 Growth Through Pricing & Packaging

Many of you are in the middle or close to finalizing 2024 planning. It’s an exciting and reflective time of the year as you cast renewed goals for success in the new year and think critically about what worked, what didn’t, and where you see opportunity matrixed across perceived impact and difficulty to execute. In this session, Steven and Karen will spend an hour deep-diving into how intelligent pricing & packaging can drive a massive impact on your 2024 goals (some expected and others not!) and, importantly, offer an operating framework that you can apply to your business to understand better (and execute) those initiatives.

A few discrete topics that Steven & Karen will cover include:

  • How to establish your 2023 baseline
  • Setting your 2024 goals and role of pricing
  • Considerations for a price increase
  • Add a pricing metric
  • Repackage to address more of the market
  • Leverage value in your go-to-market

Steven Forth & Karen Chiang

As a reminder, Karen and Steven founded Ibbaka, a software platform and consultancy firm that helps B2B SaaS grow ARR/MRR, improve NRR/GRR/LR, and expand aggregate CLTV and are an authority on all things performance acceleration through the application of pricing & packaging best practices. We encourage you to check out their extensive library resources, including blogs, podcast episodes, reports/playbooks, surveys, and tools/templates.