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Scott Powell
20+ Years GTM Enablement Leader & Founder of EnablePoint

The Essentials of Scaling GTM Enablement

Scott will spend an hour deep diving into The Essentials of Scaling GTM Enablement in this session, focusing on building and scaling your enablement function to increase revenue, reduce costs, and minimize risks to your business.

A few discrete topics that Scott will cover include:

  • A Staged Approach to Revenue Excellence: Scaling your Enablement Programs with Team Growth
  • Increasing revenue through consistent sales execution, proven sales motions, and demonstrated sales mastery
  • Reducing costs by not adding headcount, faster, focused enablement, and tailored team training
  • Minimizing risks for new hire ramp/success, training investments, and GTM programs
Scott Powell

Scott is a proven sales enablement leader, and the founder of EnablePoint, a firm dedicated to helping software GTM leaders exceed revenue goals through targeted team training - without the need to add headcount. He brings 20+ years of experience in increasing software sales performance. Before founding EnablePoint, Scott was the Global Vice President of Enablement at Optimizely and Handshake, where his achievements included increasing sales productivity by ~40%, doubling revenue for a new product, and reducing average time to first revenue by two (2) months.

Scott’s journey to enablement and training excellence began as an Army Officer and helicopter pilot, which included leading over 30 combat missions in Iraq. These experiences forged him into a dynamic leader who can adapt quickly, navigate complex challenges, and drive success. Here he cultivated the belief that “There is no such thing as being fully trained.” Scott would also apply this mantra to future Tech leadership roles following his MBA at Harvard and time as a Consultant for Bain and Company. His passion for exceeding revenue goals through enablement is unmatched, and as the founder of EnablePoint, Scott helps bring transformative change to organizations seeking to unlock their full sales potential.