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Steven Forth & Karen Chiang
Founders & Managing Partners at Ibbaka

Optimize Pricing & Packaging to Minimize Churn

In this session, Karen and Steven will be discussing how you can leverage intelligent pricing and packaging to minimize churn (optimize gross-dollar retention or “GRR”).

Churn or a poor “leaky bucket” dynamic is challenging and can handcuff growth for any SaaS business. It is one of the main factors that determine Net Recurring Revenue (or “NRR”) and is a good indicator that customers are getting value from the service. Every subscription needs to be able to predict churn and have a playbook to manage customers at risk of churn. Karen and Steven will give you the tools you need to:

  • Predict churn so that you are not taken by surprise
  • Prevent churn for the customers you want to keep
  • Accept churn when it is the best thing for both parties

Getting pricing and packaging right is just the beginning of the journey. Renewals, the opposite of churn, are the result of the ongoing delivery and documentation of value. Customer satisfaction (C-SAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) aren’t the only  measures of value. You need better metrics to drive renewals. You need to measure the value you are delivering and be able to demonstrate this to the buyer. This Master Class will cover how to do this. Come to this session and leave with the tools you need to reduce churn.

Steven Forth & Karen Chiang

As a reminder, Steven and Karen founded Ibbaka, a software platform and consultancy firm dedicated to helping B2B SaaS companies grow ARR/MRR, improve NRR/GRR/LR, and expand aggregate CLTV through the application of pricing & packaging best practices. Their extensive library of resources, including blogs, podcast episodes, reports/playbooks, surveys, and tools/templates, can be found on their website.