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Andy Paul
B2B Sales Expert & Best Selling Author

Create a Winning Buying Experience

In this session, Andy will be drawing on key themes from his recent best-selling book, “Sell Without Selling Out: A Guide to Success on Your Own Terms,” including:

  • The unintended consequences of aggressive sales tactics
  • Understanding why many of the sales techniques commonly used are outdated and only contribute to the negative stereotypes surrounding sales
  • Four pillars critical to successful sales: connection, curiosity, understanding, and generosity
Andy Paul

Andy Paul boasts over four decades of experience in sales, he has closed hundreds of millions of dollars in deals and sold everything from complex technologies down to small businesses. His sales philosophy centers around humanizing sales for both seller and buyer leading to a more desirable process and end result. Andy has been trusted with advising some of the world’s largest enterprises across a variety of sectors, including GrubHub, Phillips, Square, and Cardlytics. His popular podcast, “Accelerate!with Andy Paul” was acquired by RingDNA in 2020. Since renamed the “Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul”, he continues to use the platform to engage in thoughtful conversation with 900+ of the top sales leaders including Dan Pink, Tiffani Bova, Jeffrey Gitomer,  and countless others in order to dispense sales wisdom that empowers listeners to transform their own sales skills.