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Wei Ke & Kevin Berger
Partners at Oliver Wyman

The Pricing Dilemma – Pick the Best-Fit Pricing Model

Wei & Kevin will lead an interactive session to discuss how to select the best-fit pricing model for technology and tech-enabled services companies while minimizing downside risk, specifically:

  • The range of pricing models currently in use, and their benefits and tradeoffs
  • Case studies of why certain players have selected their pricing models, and how this supports their strategy
  • How to determine the best-fit pricing model for you
Wei Ke & Kevin Berger

Wei has over 15 years of consulting experience in pricing and packaging strategy, marketing and promotional tactics, and digital sales effectiveness. He holds a Ph.D. in pricing and revenue management and has published over 50 articles on related topics in industry and academic journals to date.

Kevin has over 25 years of advisory experience, focusing exclusively on driving profitable revenue growth for clients. His deep expertise spans industries on commercial effectiveness-related topics, including pricing optimization, go-to-market model design and transformation, and sales force effectiveness.