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Neej Parikh
3x CRO & Co-CEO @ Exordium

Building a High-Performance GTM Organization

Neej will spend an hour deep-diving into building a high-performance GTM organization in this session, with a particular emphasis on best practices for organizational models, culture, and people processes to drive best-in-class talent density.

A few discrete topics that Neej will cover include:

  • What constitutes a high-performance GTM organization?
  • How do you recruit the best individuals and leaders for your organization?
  • What frameworks can you consistently use to drive objective analysis of your team and individuals?
  • How to consistently maintain high performance within your team?

Neej Parikh

With an impressive career trajectory approaching two decades, Neej  is a dynamic leader and strategist who has successfully built and scaled go-to-market for several Unicorns as a multi-time CRO and has built a reputation among the start-up community as being THE “ZERO to IPO” leader. Specifically, Neej built Zuora’s Enterprise and Strategic GTM organization (their core ICP) and was responsible for 75% of their strategic Enterprise logos during their IPO in 2018. He then went on to build and scale the GTM orgs at two high-profile start-ups (Productiv and Applied Intuition), driving explosive growth (at scale), taking one business from $0 to $15M ARR in less than 2-years and the other to 9-figures in ARR (3x Y/Y) in less than 1 year with a globally distributed GTM team across APAC, EMEA, and North America.

Today, Neej is the co-founder and co-CEO of Exordiom, a GTM consulting firm. Exordiom exclusively supports B2B SaaS start-ups with in-the-trenches consulting, strategy, and tactical execution, executive advisory and coaching, GTM transformation, and short-term fractional CEO, CRO, CMO, CCO, and RevOps needs. Exordiom also helps its clients explore revenue opportunities outside of North America and help with fundraising.

Neej has been and continues to be an esteemed executive advisor to startup CEOs globally. His expertise in GTM execution for SaaS startups has earned him invitations as a multi-time guest lecturer at the esteemed Stanford University and a Top Marketing Strategy Voice on LinkedIn. He is the author of the widely read newsletter Ignite GTM Execution, which provides actionable insights for founders and leaders to scale their GTM organizations effectively.