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Kevin Marasco
CMO at Zenefits and PeakSpan Advisor

The Power of Positioning

In this session, Kevin discusses why “positioning” matters through decades of experience building category creating/defining companies.

Kevin Marasco

Kevin is a seasoned marketing leader and executive who brings years of experience creating new categories within B2B software and building category-defining companies like Zenefits, HireVue, and Taleo, amongst others. Today, Kevin is the CMO at Zenefits, the leading turnkey HR platform for SMBs, that has raised more than $600M in funding from prominent investors like Fidelity, TPG Growth, Andreessen Horowitz, IVP, Insight Venture Partners, and others. Prior to Zenefits, Kevin was the CMO of HireVue and helped scale that business from 10% to 60% market share resulting in 4,000%+ revenue growth. Prior to Kevin’s arrival, digital interviewing was seen as a feature, not a platform, and through Kevin’s marketing, positioning, and brand building wizardry, he helped pave the path for the creation of a new category within Talent Acquisition which was pivotal to HireVue’s successful exit to Carlyle in October 2019. Kevin has built a playbook that is truly rarified. In this Master Class, he shares that nailing positioning is foundational and has several downstream effects (product, go-to-market, sales motions, etc.) that Kevin discusses as he provides an invaluable framework for creating a strategic company narrative to help tell a consistent and simple (not simplistic) story that resonates with customers.