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Andy Mowat
RevOps/GTMOps Leader, Advisor, Founder/CEO, and PeakSpan GTM Guru

Building a Revenue Machine Through RevOps

In this session, Andy shares key insights from his RevOps handbook and then deep dives on a few key topics related to building a best-in-class, cross-functional Operations team.

Andy Mowat

Andy is a decorated Revenue Operations (“RevOps”) leader and pioneer of the discipline – it’s been a passion of his for a LONG time and even inspired him to write a book on the topic that you should definitely check out (RevOps Handbook). By way of background, Andy previously was the VP of GTM Operations and Growth Marketing at Culture Amp, a leader in employee engagement and performance management solutions that has gone on to raise ~$260M most recently at a ~$1.5B valuation. Andy played a pivotal role in their scaleup journey having helped them scale ~10x in four (4) years from mid 7-figures in ARR to nearly 9-figures in ARR! Prior to Culture Amp, Andy has helped build best-in-class GTMOps teams at Box, Prialto, and Upwork. Today, Andy has launched his own startup, Gated (link), an intelligent email solution that reduces unwanted email benefits for charity by challenging unknown senders to donate to reach your inbox. He is also an investor and advisor for several companies such as Sonar, GTMFund, and Sendoso.