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Loc H. Nguyen
Decorated Customer Success and Post-Sales Executive

Scaling Customer Success Impact through Education and Enablement

In this session, Loc will dive deep into how you can dramatically improve customer experience, impact, and outcomes through the application of best-in-class Customer Education & Enablement programs. A few discrete topics that Loc will cover include:

  • Educating customers and end-users to create impactful and scalable Customer Success programs
  • Creating a high-performing Customer Education and Enablement program by leveraging a modern learning paradigm
  • Leveraging a non-linear Education and Enablement strategy that aligns with how your champions, customers, and end-users consume information
  • Scaling Customer Success efficiently by leveraging Customer Education to drive alignment
  • Creating a continuous Education and Enablement strategy to ensure customer success occurs regularly
Loc H. Nguyen

By way of background, Loc has spent several decades as a high-performance Customer Education, Enablement & Success leader at various software scale-ups, including Bluescape, Totango, WhiteHat/Synopsys, and countless others where he has served as an advisor or consultant. He has spent the entirety of his career walking incredibly different paths and creating new experiences that have defied convention for the most part. As a matter of fact, over the past two-plus decades, he's trained and educated everyone from elementary school students to NATO aircrew members, to technologists around the world. In doing so, he's developed the kind of range it takes to provide invaluable human experiences to just about everyone he meets. And it's this holistic feel for humanity that underpins his modern leadership approach, especially as it pertains to Customer Education and Enablement. Ultimately, Loc believes that in order to make tomorrow a better version of today, we have to incrementally learn more about ourselves by experiencing more of life. We have to put ourselves out there in less-than-ideal circumstances. We have to risk a little something more, and perhaps even fail every now and then. Because, as it turns out, walking a winding road that's less traveled and more difficult to navigate may actually get us further than we'd ever thought possible.

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