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Engineered to help you scale and achieve the best outcome.

We have intentionally architected our approach, community, experience, and focus on helping entrepreneurs achieve the best possible outcome for their businesses. As a result, PeakSpan delivers confidence in scaling, excellence in execution, and tangible impact as the scale-up partner of choice.


Business Software

We’re passionate about business software, and it’s all that we do. We’re obsessed with best practices, emerging trends, KPIs, and lessons learned, which compound with each year and investment.


We're scale-up experts and focus exclusively on the growth stage of company development. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities, and help our entrepreneurs scale confidently from $3-5M to $30M+ in ARR.

Sector Specialization

We’re focused on a limited roster of sectors and committed to being the most impactful partner in these market segments. We support our portfolio partners with deep domain expertise and have built our platform around this aspiration.


Domain & Stage Expertise

Our team brings decades of field experience in our sectors, which shapes our perspectives and playbooks, and collaborate with our entrepreneurs to achieve the best possible outcomes. We intimately understand each company's unique challenges and opportunities and work collaboratively with our management teams to help them navigate these dynamics with confidence.

Active Engagement

We're an extension of your team. Partnering with PeakSpan means bringing on deep software scale-up expertise and a group that is experienced, energized, and accessible to our entrepreneurs. Our team and expert community are eager and willing to assist on any initiative, no matter how tactical or strategic. We can assist on everything from collecting data, synthesizing market and competitive intelligence, analyzing KPIs, operationalizing best practices, or even assessing the impact of different product extensions or pricing strategies. We are here to assist you every step of the way and are available whenever you need us.

Commitment to Sensible Scaling

We’re committed to sensible scaling, risk-adjusted decision-making, and long-term value optimization in a world of “go big or go home.” The name of the game is delivering high conviction in an exceptional outcome for our entrepreneurial teams and stakeholders. Alignment, preservation of strategic optionality, and pragmatic goal setting are the key ingredients to success.

Elevated Impact Through Technology & Process Innovation

We have pioneered the application of enriched data and technology to company development for several decades. We bring our proprietary technology platforms to bear on our entrepreneur’s behalf and have an impact in areas ranging from market and competitive intelligence to meeting organizational development needs and improving customer satisfaction. Just like our entrepreneurs, PeakSpan is committed to innovation and excellence.