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Marcos Rivera
Founder & CEO at Pricing I/O

Raising Pricing Without Risking Customers

Marcos will spend an hour deep-diving into raising prices without provoking churn. In this interactive session, he will share a practical guide to price with confidence, navigate pricing changes, unlock your pricing data, and get started quickly.

A few discrete topics that Marcos will cover include:

  • Who owns pricing and how to run an effective process
  • Signals to know if you can charge more
  • How to use pricing data to raise prices
  • How to get started, even if you haven’t changed pricing in years
Marcos Rivera

Marcos Rivera is the founder and CEO of Pricing I/O, a leading consulting and coaching firm helping B2B SaaS companies unlock growth with monetization. Before starting Pricing I/O, Marcos was an operating executive and Head of Pricing for Vista Equity Partners. Throughout his career spanning decades in B2B software, Marcos held product leadership roles, led M&A investments, and experienced two successful exits.  Based in San Diego, Marcos authored the award-winning book, Street Pricing, advises investment firms, and coaches SaaS leaders worldwide.