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Carl Tsukahara
8x CMO & PeakSpan Operating Advisor

Amplify Go-to-Market via Account-Based Marketing (“ABM”)

Carl will spend an hour deep-diving into helping you understand when an ABM strategy can be HIGHLY effective (and not) and HOW you can maximize impact through flawless operational execution. Specifically, a few discrete topics that Carl will cover include:

  • What is considered ABM & how does it compare with day-to-day digital marketing?
  • What business model and ICP best fits an ABM strategy?
  • What are the different ABM models? Use case examples.
  • What are the organizational impacts? How must the leadership team operate to make it work?
  • Tools, Technology, and Enablement: Why is this a great strategy at different marketing budget levels?
  • Details: Where companies screw it up and how to avoid those common errors.
  • Goals for your program - why is this critical in difficult prospect buying periods?
Carl Tsukahara

It’s our privilege to welcome Carl Tsukahara (LinkedIn), an 8x CMO, CPO and decorated PeakSpan Operating Advisor, to lead yet another Master Class after an electrifying prior session on “Marketing in a Pandemic” that you can review here!

Let’s be honest, Carl needs no introduction! By background, Carl is a 30+ year proven B2B marketing and product executive responsible for creating $15B+ in enterprise value across his career at private and publicly traded software companies. Most recently, he was the CMO at Optimizely, a leading provider of digital experience optimization solutions, which was acquired by Insight/Episerver in 2020 and had raised over $200M from prominent investors like A16z, Index Ventures, Benchmark Capital, and Goldman Sachs, among others. Before that, he was CMO at Birst, Evolv (acq. by Cornerstone OnDemand), Vitria (IPO), Monitise/Clairmail (LSE), Dun & Bradstreet, and others. He was also head of marketing for Oracle’s America's operation and head of product marketing for Oracle’s database business.

Today, he’s an Advisor to nearly a dozen software scale-ups including Stylitics, Cognism, Vyond, Rallyware, Tapcheck, Lead Forensics and others.

At PeakSpan, we’ve partnered with 70+ software scale-ups and have witnessed the impact of a well-orchestrated account-based marketing (“ABM”) strategy in supercharging demand generation, sales conversion, and customer enablement. It certainly isn’t a fit or an effective marketing/sales initiative for ALL scale-ups. When relevant, it’s rightfully complex, and many scale-ups struggle to implement an effective ABM strategy (if at all). We hope to change that with this session led by Carl, an undisputed authority on the topic and informally referred to as an early ABM strategy pioneer!