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Jasmine Lombardi, Luke Ferrel, & Kristi Faltorusso
Leaders in Customer Success

Customer Success Panel

During the session, the presenters will draw on key principals they have used throughout their careers which create the best customer experiences and in turn, maximize business outcomes. A sneak preview of what you can expect in this session includes:

• Scaling your Customer Success Team
• How to capture and digest customer feedback, and use it to appropriately improve the customer experience
• Key KPIs you should be using to track your customer success teams performance and why they are important
• Orchestration between CS and other functional teams (sales, support, etc.)
• Why the customer success function will be a mission-critical part of driving revenue in 2023

Jasmine Lombardi, Luke Ferrel, & Kristi Faltorusso

The PeakSpan Team is thrilled to host three prominent leaders in the Customer Success arena to lead our next Master Class Series: During the session, Jasmine Lombardi, Chief Customer Officer at Locus Robotics, Luke Ferrel, Global Head of Customer Success at Deel and Kristi Faltorusso, former VP of Customer Success at BetterCloud and current Chief Customer Officer at Client Success will engage in a panel discussion around current challenges and opportunities in front of CS teams, lessons learned throughout their careers and best practices.

Customer Success