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Aaron Ross
Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Board Member, Speaker, and Authority on B2B Selling

Create Predictable, Scalable Sales Revenue

In this session, Aaron will spend ~60 minutes diving deep into how businesses ignite, stifle and grow. World economies are in a state of uncertainty with more risk – and opportunity – than ever before. Tune in to hear Aaron discuss how businesses pivot, survive, and thrive – including creating more predictable, scalable sales revenue!

Aaron Ross

Aaron is a decorated advisor, best-selling author, board member, global keynote speaker, and authority on all things B2B selling. He co-authored From Impossible to Inevitable (the #1 book on SaaS and hyper-growth scaling per Book Authority) and Predictable Revenue, also referred to as the “SaaS Bible of Silicon Valley”. As an early part of the enterprise sales team at Salesforce, Aaron helped develop the use of the “Cold Calling 2.0” framework, which ultimately helped the now-tech giant increase their recurring revenue by $100M+. Today, Aaron is an active board member at one of PeakSpan’s very own portfolio partners, Cognism, as well as, Administrate, and Nuvini. On a personal note, Aaron is happily married with 10 children (mostly through adoption), loves motorcycles, and now lives in Edinburgh, UK.