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Janet Jaiswal
4X CMO & Marketing Advisor

SaaS Product Marketing Decoded: Powering Startup Success

Janet will draw on her decades of experience building/scaling Product Marketing functions (including at SnapLogic and IBM Tealeaf) and deep-dive into Product Marketing for B2B SaaS scale-ups. Specifically, she’ll provide a detailed perspective on the role of a product marketer, including potential impact/fit for your scale-up, optimal timing for a Product Marketing Manager (PMM), and operational best practices to ensure success.

A few discrete topics that Janet will cover include:

  • Product Marketing vs. Product Manager role
  • How the role varies from an early, growth, and mature-stage company.
  • Metrics to measure PMM success
  • The PMM’s Internal customers
  • What to look for when hiring a PMM
Janet Jaiswal

Janet is a full-stack B2B marketing executive with 20+ years of experience helping SaaS companies like Cloudbeds, Session AI, and Aeris Communications scale and grow in both product-led growth (“PLG”) and sales-led growth (“SLG”) environments. She has experience building best-in-class marketing programs for startups and scale-ups alike (from Seed through Series F) as well as industry giants through elevated positioning/messaging, market expansion (geographies, verticals, product capabilities, etc.), high-performance org models, and revenue acceleration (self-service, inbound, outbound, channel, etc.). Lastly, she has led the Product Marketing function at SnapLogic and IBM Tealeaf.