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Brian Mulvey
Co-Founder & Partner Emeritus

It’s such a joy building something so deliberate and focused and new – both with a team and the teams of the companies we partner with – who care and are so invested in the success of each other’s journeys. It is especially energizing PeakSpan and our companies being in the same evolutionary phase and as a result our successes being so intertwined. Hard work wasn’t meant to be this much fun!


Brian has been partnering with software entrepreneurs for over a decade and served on the boards of eight companies. A lifelong tech enthusiast, he takes great satisfaction in meeting with passionate entrepreneurs who share the same vision on how new markets/technologies will unfold. Before co-founding PeakSpan, Brian worked at Investor Growth Capital for seven years as a leader in the software investment team. Prior to IGC, he worked with Summit Partners – first in the firm’s Boston office, then in London to help Summit launch their European operation. Prior to Summit, Brian started his career at Shawmut Capital, a growth firm focused on financial technology. He received a B.S. in Finance and Strategic Operations and Management from Boston College, where he graduated cum laude. A big believer in the benefits of globalization, Brian has lived in the US, the UK and Paraguay. He now resides in New York City where he enjoys the constant flow of discoveries the city offers and spending time with family – particularly free throw battles against his son… despite an ever increasing pace of losses…