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March 22, 2019

Epignosis: a true Greek scaleup success story

Early-stage investor and incubator Starttech Ventures has an in-depth article on PeakSpan investment partner Epignosis, a promising scaleup out of Greece:

We have a passion, and its name is #ScaleUpGreece. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will have come across a few articles about our very own Greek scaleup success story, Epignosis. It is the one of the reasons we began setting up our new series of #ScaleupGreece meetups and events.

What exactly is a scaleup, you ask?

For me a startup is an experiment. A few crazy people, that have an idea to create a big company. Most of the time they do not have a good understanding of the reality. The team is really small, basically two or three. They do not have customers… A scaleup, on the other hand, is when you manage to find to customers. When you manage to create a product that people want. When you manage to do things on a scale.

Starttech Ventures: Epignosis: a true Greek scaleup success story