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March 20, 2023

Cloudbeds CEO on the Travel Startup Funding and M&A Environment

Originally published here in Skift

Adam Harris, the CEO of hotel management software company Cloudbeds, has a great no-nonsense grasp of the macro – and micro – environment in the startup fundraising world, a fact that I learned in a few back and forth LinkedIn messages and subsequent calls between us gossiping about the travel tech startups that were raising money or got sold for pennies on the dollar in the last few months.

Which gave me a the most logical next idea: why not make this on-the-record and invite him on The Skift Podcast, and so I did, to get a perspective on what it means for travel tech startups across the spectrum of maturity to be raising funding in this macro environment, valuations, deal structure, thinking through growth and exit options, and insights on what fellow founders should know.

This podcast was recorded before the Silicon Valley Bank and other bank meltdowns, which has added even more complexities to the already dicey tech startup fundraising world, and a new spotlight on venture capital world overall and its outsized role in the growth pathways startups take.

Well worth a listen.