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May 27, 2022

Cloudbeds announces strategic acquisitions ahead of release for newest solution Cloudbeds Amplify

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SAN DIEGO - Cloudbeds unveiled the expansion of its hospitality platform with its newest solution, Cloudbeds Amplify. Set for release in early Fall, the comprehensive done-for-you digital marketing service leverages advanced technologies to optimize customers’ online presence, drive more direct bookings and increase revenue. Cloudbeds Amplify services include website creation and search optimization, metasearch advertising, search engine marketing and management of online business listings - combined into fully managed, cost-effective service packages designed to drive more traffic, boost online visibility and build a better guest booking experience.

“Direct bookings are critical to many hoteliers’ bottom lines,” said Adam Harris, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudbeds. “Yet, many operators don’t have the marketing budget, time or skills to compete effectively against the major players. Cloudbeds Amplify makes it easy for lodging businesses to win new customers without the hassle. They can leverage the technology and expertise used by big brands without needing big budgets.”

Cloudbeds Amplify, part of the company’s comprehensive hospitality management platform, addresses some of the most pressing pain points for the industry, including profitability and the high cost of customer acquisition.

Marina Moretti, owner of Ô de Casa Hostel & Bar in São Paulo, who joined the pilot program earlier this year, stated, "As an owner, digital marketing is not my specialty. I have always viewed it as complicated, but it is quickly becoming a necessity to operate a lodging business in today’s market. With Cloudbeds Amplify, the team made the process easy by handling the entire setup and management. Thus far, we've driven 57 additional bookings through our website that might otherwise have been booked via OTAs - without requiring any additional time or effort from myself or staff."

To support the expansion of its hospitality platform and the launch of Cloudbeds Amplify, the company recently made several strategic moves, including the acquisitions of AdsHotel and Odysys. AdsHotel, formerly owned by D-Business based in Venice, Italy, is the leading ad tech platform designed for hospitality, offering independent hotels a platform to manage metasearch and programmatic advertising to boost direct bookings. Odysys, based in Bend, Ore., is a specialist marketing firm offering a flexible all-in-one marketing platform to independent lodging businesses.