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Jul 5, 2022

PeakSpan’s B2B Finance Automation Landscape

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The digitization of back-office finance, accounting, and procurement has accelerated as organizations have recognized the evolving responsibilities of CFOs and CPOs from crunching and reporting numbers to making strategic decisions that have meaningful impacts to the bottom-line. The pressure on the modern-day finance department is immense — i) customers and suppliers increasingly expect bespoke invoicing, billing, and payments experiences (with customers often evaluating vendors based on these merits), ii) investors and shareholders require access to real-time datapoints on financial performance to inform their stakeholders, and iii) employees have little to no patience with difficult to navigate payroll platforms and outdated expense reporting that does not integrate directly with their physical cards. Moreover, as the workforce continues to age — the expectations around UI/UX are rising simultaneously as employees expect the same purchasing and payments experiences they have access to as consumers. The time for implementing scalable technology to transform finance organizations is now. Those who forge ahead with the status quo manual processes will continue to experience disgruntled customers, investors, and employees and will eventually lose out to technology-enabled competition.