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Jan 2, 2024

PeakSpan's 2024 Restaurant Technology Landscape

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We are excited to release our 2024 Restaurant Tech Landscape, one of the largest published in the space to date.

Download in HD Here:

The PeakSpan Hospitality Tech Team canvassed the entire Restaurant Tech ecosystem to find the top vendors who are at the forefront of innovation across three core areas: i) front of house, ii) back of house and iii) the POS.

In 2024, we see the following themes as being instrumental in the digital evolution of restaurants:

  1. Full Front to Back of House Connectivity and Interoperability
  2. Predictive Demand Forecasting Enabling Dynamic Staffing Models
  3. Multi-Channel Customer Engagement & Loyalty Programs as Growth Drivers
  4. Intelligent Price Optimization Driving Margin Expansion
  5. Supply Chain Automation & Expense Forecasting Empowering Data-Informed Control