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Dec 1, 2022

PeakSpan Infrastructure Software Landscape

Originally posted

Drumroll, please…

We’ve long awaited this moment and are excited to share our inaugural market map of the Infrastructure Software landscape! The world of Infrastructure Software is incredibly broad and encompasses multiple discrete disciplines which rightfully deserve their own landscape publications and sub-category segmentation. And, yes, these are already in motion — we got you!

Our goal with this landscape is to:

  • Provide a ring fence around how we at PeakSpan define “Infrastructure Software” across these core disciplines
  • Share a lens into the various nodes or product categories that span the “lifecycle” of infrastructure software

Our Infrastructure Software Landscape is one of the first to span the entirety of infrastructure operations (endpoints, applications, data infrastructure, and across functional disciplines such as development and IT). Our enthusiasm for the innovation and opportunity we see broadly across IT, data infrastructure management, automation, cloud infrastructure, DevOps/dev tools, and more is rooted in one simple principle. We believe that virtually every company and category in this landscape is mission-critical and is only scratching the surface of the market opportunities ahead.

Amidst an uneasy economic backdrop, we see a plethora of tailwinds driving incredible product opportunities across each of the disciplines outlined above, including (i) virtually every company becoming a software company, (ii) supply-demand imbalances for talent, (iii) accelerating digitization of vertical markets propelled by the global pandemic, (iv) the ebbs and flows of generalization versus specialization, and the existential need to drive enhanced efficiency and automation. Our outlook and enthusiasm for the quality and velocity of innovation in Infrastructure Software remains incredibly bullish and we’ll continue sharing our thoughts and theses we’ve built and continue to refine over the coming weeks, months and years!

If interested, please see here for a piece we published earlier outlining our perspectives on the themes we believe will endure in the years ahead.

We welcome any and all feedback — let us know what you think!

A special thanks to our exceptional infrastructure software advisor and expert community members for their invaluable input and feedback in helping us memorialize this research over the past few months. We greatly appreciate your partnership!