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Nov 8, 2022

PeakSpan Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Matt Melymuka, Named to 2022's 40 Under 40 List by Crain's New York Business

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Matt Melymuka is not your average investor. As co-founder and managing partner of PeakSpan Capital, he leads a firm at the forefront of the growth equity space for business software sales.

Melymuka’s investment focus falls into three themes: sales technology, marketing technology and hospitality technology.

“We’re looking at companies who are more than a PowerPoint and dream in a garage,” he said. Rather, he said, PeakSpan seeks businesses that have “delivered a product, real revenue and customers and have strong, emerging signs of product-market fit.”

PeakSpan has grown exponentially since its 2015 founding. Its first investment fund netted $150 million. The second captured $265 million. The third, $580 million.

With Melymuka at quarterback, the 25-person firm now manages $1.5 billion in assets.

“My whole purpose,” he said, “is to injest all the content and information and meet all the companies, thought-leaders and research analysts I can so I can be steeped in the same trends and market forces and speak the same language as the entrepreneurs I’m dealing with.”

That willingness to speak the same language across a complex investment landscape has endeared Melymuka to his contemporaries.

“When people are engaging with him, they quickly lose any concerns of whether he has an agenda,” said Phil Dur, Melymuka’s PeakSpan co-founder. “As an investor and consigliere to entrepreneurs, it’s an incredibly powerful combination.”