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Apr 14, 2015

How To Impress A Venture Capitalist: 12 Prominenct VC's Share What Gets Their Attention

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Forbes Magazine spoke to a dozen VC firm founders and partners to get their wisdom on what it takes for companies to make a great impression on the VC circuit. PeakSpan co-founder Phil Dur contributed this advice on showing how it all stitches together:

“I am always impressed by entrepreneurs who can articulate a compelling and credible case for how the combination of their product vision, market opportunity, team, and go-to-market strategy will coalesce into a unique and disruptive opportunity for their business. Successful growth companies are the byproduct of a well-developed plan executed by a passionate team. In my experience, great entrepreneurs are terrific at showing how their performance to date hews to their vision for the business and its potential.”

Forbes Magazine: How To Impress A Venture Capitalist: 12 Prominent VCs Share What Gets Their Attention