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May 23, 2024

Growth-Stage Venture Capital Strategies | Matt Melymuka | MSP #269

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Ready to make smarter investment decisions and develop strategic growth plans?

This episode is your gateway to mastering growth-stage venture capital strategies and taking your business to unprecedented heights!

Ever felt bombarded by generic outreach from investors who don't get your business?

It's time for a change! Embrace a personalized, value-driven approach to investor relations.

Matt Melymuka is a co-founder and managing partner of Peakspan Capital. With over a decade in growth-stage investment strategies, Matt has managed $2 billion across three funds and a $600 million active investment vehicle. His focus on B2B software and alignment with ambitious yet pragmatic objectives has led to a remarkably low capital loss ratio of 1.4%.

Learn how AI and automation are enhancing the human touch in sales. Find out the surprising movie choice of a Boston native turned New York investor. Stay tuned for game-changing insights that will transform your sales tech approach forever.